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Interview with M-Maher

2012-04-03 13:59:41 by Thedark

Thedark's interviews with artists,video and movie makers

Hello Newgrounders.So this new interview is with M-Maher a funny guy and an awesome artist here in the portal

1.Hello M-Maher tell us something about youself

I am Mark Michael Maginley Mickey Maher, Irish born my family is Irish too, we moved to wales when I was about 6, I now live in w.Yorkshire in a nice market town/city called Huddersfield, Its a pretty little Victorian town with alot of interestingly old architecture, 1950's art deco to some medevil stone masonry, its pretty swell.

I am a very well cultured, very verbose, very intellectual 16 year old of Irish origin, despite my Irish background my accent is a weird one, sometimes it is queens English other times it is Californian American and when i pronounce my "R" it is most definitely Irish sounding, it weird but oddly helpful when singing.

I do art yes, but I do not feel that I am an artist, i believe that i am just skilled at drawing, being an artist or illustrator is more of a title that is given to those that have mastered the art or gotten work in that field, unless someone gives me that title i do not believe i can wear it as such.

2.When and why did you start drawing?

I believe I truly got into art at the age of 6, however earlier chapters of my life indicate some flirtation with art, an example of this would be when i was in year 1 of primary school, I'd always stylize my writing when i wrote my name, don't know why, i just did, but what made me seriously draw was power rangers, i made a whole story about a team of commando's called leagacy of psychron that fought a war in space, all the way up to my first year in secondary school i worked on that one thing drawing what people thought were mechs, it was the first ever project i ever worked on and the first ever thing that got me into drawing.

3.What inspired your drawings?

For Mech related tid bits it was:
Power rangers initially, then there was medabots, gundam, codegeass, transformers, kamen rider,FF12 and now I'm studying Yoji Shinkawa and Ashley wood's work

for the rest of it:
It's all improvised, i draw a line and build on it.

4.Do you have any favorite artist in the Art Portal?

I love everything that comes out of the portal, scouted or unscouted its all good to me.

5.Whats the best thing about being an artist?

good question, I wonder that myself.

6.What do you enjoy most about art?

making things, i love to experiment that's why all my art is inconsistent when it comes to style and tools used, its always different and i love to mess around, ill tell myself; "TODAY WE'RE DOING PENCIL" "TODAY WE'RE DOING INDIAN INK" "TODAY WE'RE DOING DIGITAL ART" I'm all over the place and its the way i like it.

7.How do others react to your drawings?
they like it, im more on the lower end of artists, I'm not the best but ad least someone likes it.

8.Have you ever felt like giving up art?
God no, I mean I do have on and off periods every now and then where i wont draw anything for weeks to months on end but I've never considered quitting.

9.Give some advice to the new artists here

never give up, never give in, never give out and never say never.

Below is an image from M-Maher i enjoy. Feel free to enjoy too

Interview with M-Maher


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2012-04-04 13:23:34

oh great now you will INTERVIEW ME

Thedark responds:

Ok have you contributed anything to the Portal?


2012-04-04 13:29:24

No why should i ?

Thedark responds:

Look man i am interviewing artists,videos and movie makers
since you havent contributed anything i cant interview you
try Asandir for that
he interviews forum users


2012-04-04 13:33:57

ok so you havent composed a song for me and now you wont interview me

Thedark responds:

i have already explained
I am sorry


2012-04-05 14:43:52

complete copy of the interviewer...

nope, this is shitty

Thedark responds:

No i am sorry
i am not copying anything because i dont feel right doing it
thanks for commenting but in order to say something like that you must be sure about what are you talking
i hope you understand me
thank you again


2012-04-06 20:16:45

Hello Tycrane. How's it going? Nice to see I got a fan speaking up. However I do not have sole interviewing rights. Also look back at my first few interviews and look at Thedark's beginnings. Pretty similar in a way.

He will get better with time.