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Long time no see

2013-11-13 14:31:18 by Thedark

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeloo my dear friends and Newgrounders. Its TheDark :). Its been a LONG while since my last visit here. I am afraid i have to apologise for that. How are you doing everybody? I wanna know all of your news ^_^. Dont hesitate to spam my pms telling everything and anything. I missed you all ^_^. I have returned fresh and i am ready to take action starting with the interviews again ( i got a couple already :D). Also a big apology to all the people who didnt see their interview posted. I promise to start working fast.

All in all i am feeling very happy to be back. I am waiting for everyone's pm or comment here. ^_^
Keep being awesome everyone :)))


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2013-11-13 14:51:50

Holy dicks, he's back from the dead!

(Updated ) Thedark responds:

I have been raised from the dead brother :D. I definitely wanna hear your news :).


2013-11-13 16:23:28

Welcome back! Glad that you still plan on continuing your interviews ^^

Thedark responds:

Asandir my friend how are you doing? Thank you very much for replying here. I checked out all of the interviews i missed and may i say you have surpassed yourself since the last time.


2013-11-13 18:33:20

are you a zombie?

Thedark responds:

I am actually a vampyre Wavey :). Hows life?


2013-11-13 18:47:26

It's okay, he just got lost in the dark that's all.

Thedark responds:

I salute my interviews mentor, The-Great-One. How are you doing? ^_^


2013-11-13 23:37:32

Something must've changed (in your life) for you to come back, even if it wasn't a life shattering incident... was it a stray thought about NG in general, specific ppl, an internal need for interpersonal communication?

Are you in school, do you have work, are you involved with a significant other?

Thedark responds:

Vicarious i am not feeling very comfortable speaking about this in public. It you would like we could discuss it in a pm. All in all i am glad to be speaking again with you ^_^. Tell me your news :D


2013-11-14 07:24:33

Hello random dude! :3

Thedark responds:

Hello random dude. How is it going buddy? :)


2013-11-14 08:34:08

Welcome back! :D Looks like I've missed a bunch of interviews already... btw, what happened to your blog? No updates?

Thedark responds:

Its been a while since i last updated my blog. Thank you for reminding me that ^_^. How are you doing Cyber?


2013-11-14 09:11:17

It was about fucking time!
Good to see you back bro, I thought you went off the grid forever. Also,take a look at ΤΗΙΣ!!!

Thedark responds:

Tony pal how are you doing? :). Glad to see you again. How did you do that? :O


2013-11-17 10:30:41

I'm doing decently, thanks for asking! Might star in a local commercial soon, have a few tracks ready to record at a studio, getting back into Doom with the 'Brutal Doom' mod. So... life's looking up. :) What's kept you away?


2013-11-17 14:09:06



2015-01-02 04:08:14

Oi, you came back from the dead (again) and didn't even inform me?



2015-01-28 22:48:42



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